• Mechanical Blue Click Switches
  • Rainbow LED
  • Windows Key-Lock
  • Floating Key-Caps
  • 26 Anti Ghosting Keys

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Redgear Shadow Mechanical Keyboard USB Wired Blue Switch

Say hello to a new gaming experience with Redgear’s Shadow Amulet Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard is equipped with mechanical blue clicky switches which not only increases the speed by reducing the effort but also helps in providing a 100% typing speed. Also with its floating keycaps you can clearly hear the sound of the click and eases the pressure required while using the keyboard. It’s Rainbow LED mode is just what you need as it gives you a huge variety of colors to pick from. With its Window key lock feature, you can stay tuned into your gaming for long hours as it cuts out interruption. You can also use upto 26 keys at the same time with its Anti Ghosting Key function

  • Shadow Amulet comes equipped with mechanical Blue Click Switches which gives you a tactile feedback of it. It also helps to increase the gaming speed by reducing the effort required to push the keys all the way through
  • Rainbow LED: It comes with a Rainbow LED Mode which provides a huge spectrum of colors that can be used as per your needs
  • Windows Key-Lock: With its Windows Key Lock you can play for long hours without being any hassle or interruption
  • Floating Key-Caps: The keycaps are perfectly placed which gives a click sound and accurate results every time you click. Its ergonomic design helps distance each pressure laid on it while using it
  • 26 Anti Ghosting Keys: With its Anti Ghosting function you can use upto 26 keys at the same time giving you all the freedom in your game